Campaign tells residents not to 'toss' their litter

Litter and fly tipping targeted

Convener and advert

A hard hitting campaign to target fly tippers and people who drop litter in North Lanarkshire is running on buses, signs and billboards.

The campaign asks people to do the right thing, put litter in a bin or take it home and 'don't be a tosser' by dropping litter.

It supports the message used by charity Keep Britain Tidy in their UK-wide initiative to tackle the problem of roadside litter

The North Lanarkshire adverts also state that fly tipping is a criminal offence with a penalty of £200, while anyone caught littering faces an on-the-spot fine of £80.

"Most people don't want to see litter or rubbish dumped in their communities, but sadly there is a minority who don't care and expect others to clean up after them," said Councillor Michael McPake, Convener of the Infrastructure Committee.

"Our campaign makes it clear their behaviour is unacceptable, and we will take action against anyone caught littering or fly tipping.

"We are also asking residents to report anyone they see fly tipping, helping us identify those responsible by providing vital information including vehicle registration numbers and descriptions of individuals involved.

"The council spends almost £900,000 each year cleaning up fly tipping and litter because we have a responsibility to keep our communities clean and safe. If we can work together with residents to tackle the issue, we'll make sure North Lanarkshire is a great place to live, work and visit."

Report fly tipping online or call Northline on 01698 403110.

In support of the public campaign, the council has invested in new fixed and mobile CCTV cameras which will be deployed to identify fly tippers.

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