Mind masterclass with Baroness Susan Greenfield

Inspiring presentation explores the relevance of neuroscience knowledge to education


Baroness Susan Greenfield, the eminent neuroscientist, gave an inspiring presentation to teachers and senior pupils from across North Lanarkshire at Our Lady's High School, Motherwell.

It focused on a range of themes including the impact of environment on the development of the child brain, and the development, and increasing use, of technology (including social media) on mental health.

She said: "The 21st Century is delivering a vast range of new digital technologies that are transforming our environment in unprecedented ways. It follows that the human brain, and thus our minds, could also be undergoing unprecedented changes. 

"The rapid increase in technology in our daily lives is particularly noticeable in children and young people; the constant use of social media is often a leading factor in many mental health issues."

Dominic Kennedy, Scottish Attainment Challenge - Secondary Lead, said: "This was a fantastic event was really inspiring and provided everyone who attended with so much to think about.

"It was a valuable opportunity for colleagues who work with and support young people and families in North Lanarkshire to learn more about this important area.

The masterclass was provided by the Tapestry Partnership in Glasgow as a companion piece to the Building Stronger Communities in Motherwell project.

It was organised as part of the Scottish Attainment Challenge, staff from enterprise and communities, community learning and development and Police Scotland also attended. It took place on Wednesday 14 November.


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