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Asset Register - land and property owned and leased by the council

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 Part 5 Section 94 details a duty to publish a register of land by 'relevant authorities'. North Lanarkshire Council qualifies as a 'relevant authority'.

The register includes, to the council's best knowledge and belief, a full list of assets that are directly owned and leased by the council. There are exclusions to assets that require to be on the list and these are covered by The Community Empowerment (Registers of Land) (Scotland) Regulations 2016. Such assets include but are not limited to, adopted roads, canals and bus stations.

Council assets are identified utilising a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) and only assets that have / had a direct operational purpose or use will have a UPRN and be listed on the register.

In the event that it is believed that the council own an asset that is not listed and additional information is required, then we can be contacted. If the asset is not owned by the council and additional information is sought on ownership then Registers of Scotland should be contacted rather than the council.

Likewise, where an asset appears on the register and you wish to discuss the asset further then the council can be contacted. For enquires relating to Community Asset Transfer (CAT) please visit Community Asset Transfer and Participation Requests for further information.

For other enquiries in relation to council ownership only please call Cartographic and Mapping Services on 01236 632669 or email

Information and Guidance on the Asset Register

The excel icon Asset Register [494kb]  is available as an Excel Spreadsheet (a PDF version can be provided). The information is not intended to be fully conclusive but instead gives the ability to identify assets that might become the subject of a CAT request. The council offers no warranties in terms of the accuracy of the information provided.

The Excel Worksheet contains drop down menus that can be utilised to scrutinise the information. The user can search the various sub categories under each menu by ticking them on or off and pressing ok.

For example, if you wish to locate a property in Ward 1:

  1. click the drop down menu in the Ward box
  2. press select all which will untick all the Wards
  3. tick 1 and press ok.

If you wish to break down the search further within Ward 1 then another drop down menu can be chosen and the same process followed as above.

For example in the event that the user is only interested in buildings - with Ward 1 still selected:

  1. press the drop down menu in the Structure box;
  2. press select all to untick the categories; and
  3. then tick the type of property interested in such as single structure and press ok

From the search detailed the user will now have a list of single structures in Ward 1.

The drop down menus that can be searched include:

  • Current use - brief description of asset type.
  • Service - The service within the council that holds the asset.
  • Title - The legal basis on which the council holds the asset.
  • Structure - details if the information relates to a structure (building).
  • Ward - The council ward where the asset is located.
  • Area Group - This has been used to describe historical housing areas rather than a specific town for example the Airdrie designation covers various additional conurbations such as Plains or Calderbank. The user should check the address column for a detailed property address.

Please use the 'contact us' box if you have any questions. For more information, see 'related pages', 'downloads' or 'other useful websites'.

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