Learning from complaints - 2017/18

Performance information for complaints handling

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When a complaint is upheld or partially upheld, a range of additional information is gathered and assessed to determine if a change or improvement requires to be made to put things right, ensure the problem does not happen again, or improve the service.

Information regarding the nature of a specific complaint (e.g. the time, location, parties involved, and the reasons) and the volume of complaints regarding a specific issue, is gathered in order to assess the situation and identify any corrective action required.

Changes or improvements made to our services as a result of complaints received are summarised below:

You said ...We listened
You were unhappy with the approach by the Trading Standards OfficerWe reviewed and amended our policy and procedures regarding the issue of fixed penalty notices. This ensures our approach now reflects a level of care to young sellers that is consistent with our level of care to young test purchasers.  The relevant line managers were involved in the review and we are in the process of updating our enforcement document in line with young sellers being treated the same as the young test purchasers.
There was a lack of response to a request for information with regards to landFollowing investigation we advised the complainant that the original complaint was logged via the council's website but there was no record of this being logged and dealt with thereafter. This appears to be have been an isolated technical issue, however further checks are ongoing to ensure there is no recurrence.

 Further information

To access information regarding the council's complaints procedure please use the link below:

complaints, comments, and compliments

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