Croy station parking restrictions

Scotrail resurfacing work to close car park spaces

Transport strategy

Drivers using Croy rail station are being advised that work by Scotrail will mean a significant part of the car park will be closed temporarily.

We have been told by Scotrail that they require to close off around 180 car parking spaces to allow resurfacing work to be carried out.

Scotrail's work will take place from Sunday 13 January to Sunday 10 February, and will be done in two phases. The first phase will only impact on the car park.

The second phase will see the car park and access road, including the bus turning area, closed.

We are making drivers who use the car park aware of the closure, encouraging them to plan their journey and, if possible, make alternative arrangements. Parking is available at Greenfaulds Station, a stop on the Glasgow to Edinburgh line.

To ensure road safety in the area around Croy station during these works, temporary parking restrictions will be in place and enforced by the council's parking attendants.

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