Uptake of Eligible Two-Year-Old Placements Survey

Eligible two year old media for survey spinner

Research has shown that good quality early learning and childcare can help to give children a good start in life.

However, the current uptake of the eligible two-year-old entitlement is low. In recognition of the importance of this, we are seeking the views of as many people as possible to find out why take up rates are so low.

We'd appreciate your thoughts on this subject; you can access and complete the survey in:

Your responses will help to inform us of the areas which need to be developed / enhanced around publicity and information awareness.

Under the pdf icon General Data Protection Regulation [292kb] (GDPR), we will only hold your information for the follow up from the survey.

Thank you for assistance; your support in this area is greatly appreciated.

Any questions regarding the survey should be directed to the Intervention & Inclusion team via the 'contact' us box. 

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