Positive report for New Monkland PS

Education Scotland Inspection

New Monkland HMIE

Pupils at New Monkland Primary School and Nursery Class benefit from 'a warm, respectful and caring culture' according to a report by Education Scotland.

A team of inspectors visited the Glenmavis campus in October last year, to assess how well pupils and nursery children were supported and the quality of the teaching they receive.

The inspection team spoke to parents, children and teaching staff as part of their assessment and highlighted the strengths and achievements at the school as well as areas which can be developed further.

The key findings were:

  • Children felt valued by all adults and participated in their learning activities independently and confidently
  • Positive and nurturing experiences for children in the nursery class aided by highly skilled practitioners
  • Consistently high quality learning and teaching across all primary classes
  • Staff committed to professional learning and leadership who all actively support children's learning and achievement.

Head teacher Marie-Claire Hendry said: "I'm delighted with the inspection report and very proud of the school and nursery. The staff work really hard every day and know our children extremely well.  

"We are especially pleased the report positively highlighted teaching, learning and assessment across the school and nursery. We know our next steps and will continue to work with families to achieve further success."

The report encourages the school to continue to improve the curriculum for all children and to review self-evaluation to improve children's attainment.

Frank McNally, Convener of Education added: "This report is testament to the hard work of all the teaching staff and their dedication to giving pupils the best possible learning environment to allow them to flourish."

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