Changes to how we allocate sheltered housing

Providing the right housing support


From April we're changing how we allocate our sheltered housing to older people, making sure we match people to the right house with the right level of support.

We'll be contacting over 1,000 older people currently on our waiting list for sheltered accommodation, to arrange an assessment and gauge their support requirements. We'll be asking them about their daily life, current housing and support they receive.

Older people currently living in sheltered housing who do not have a live housing application, are not part of this review.

"As well as simplifying the process for applying for sheltered housing, the changes also mean we can match older people to the best housing options available," explained Stephen Llewellyn, Head of Housing Solutions. "An assessment team will, over the next few weeks, contact all existing applicants listed for our older people's housing to assess them on their daily living, housing and support needs. Following this, people will be placed on the appropriate waiting list. These assessments form part of our improvement plan for our sheltered housing complexes and will help us provide the most appropriate care and support for people to continue living independently."

To make best use of the available older persons housing stock we're allocating Older People's housing according to the applicant's support needs (high, medium and low). In line with this new allocation policy we are also in the process of re-classifying our sheltered housing complexes. These are being placed into three main groups to meet the varying needs of our applicants.

Sheltered Plus - housing designated generally for people aged 60 plus. It provides enhanced housing support and an emergency response service and is suitable for older people requiring some support to live independently.

Retirement Housing - older people's housing that provides an enhanced housing management service and emergency response service.

Amenity Housing - housing for older people where there is no on site housing support or enhanced housing management services provided.

Following re-assessment we'll advise people of the outcome and what this means for them. To find out more click on the related page or telephone 01698 302450.

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