Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day 2019 - Monday 18 March

North Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee is backing a national campaign to prevent and tackle child sexual exploitation


Monday 18 March is National child sexual exploitation day and, as part of this year's campaign, pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels, fast food outlets and taxi firms in North Lanarkshire are being encouraged to ask their staff to look out for and report any signs of child exploitation and abuse they see or suspect.

Marion Martin, Chair of the North Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee says recognising, preventing and tackling sexual exploitation requires everyone to work together.

"We're asking North Lanarkshire businesses - particularly those involved in the night-time economy - for their support," she explained, "and we have produced information packs to raise awareness about what to look out for."

Perpetrators groom children and young people who can be manipulated into having sex in exchange for material goods, reward or affection.

These children and young people may not realise they are being exploited and could appear to be in a 'consensual' relationship with an older person. But let's be 100% clear: it is still child abuse."

If you spot something that doesn't look or feel right, you can share your concerns by phoning the police on 101 or the Barnardo's Nightwatch Hotline on 0800 389 0131. You can also report anonymously using the online form:

If you think someone is in immediate danger - phone 999 and ask for the police.

For more information about child protection in North Lanarkshire contact:

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