Economic Regeneration Delivery Plan

ERDP launch photo (Cllr's)

In our pdf icon Economic Regeneration Delivery Plan [3Mb] we set out a high-level framework for improving economic opportunities and outcomes for all of North Lanarkshire's people. We will do so by taking an integrated approach to deliver on our visions in four key, inter-related areas:

  • Enabling and providing new homes, delivering the homes North Lanarkshire needs to grow

  • Reshaping and repopulating our town centres, creating vibrant places with mixed use spaces to maximise social, economic and environmental opportunities

  • Enabling our people and businesses to thrive by investing in skills, in business and industrial space, and by marketing North Lanarkshire as the place to invest

  • Connecting North Lanarkshire to markets and opportunities by improving our strategic infrastructure.

Approved by the Council's Enterprise and Growth Committee in August, this long-term plan was launched by the Committee's Convener Cllr. Allan Graham, Vice-Convener, Cllr. Olivia Carson, and the Council's Growth Programme Manager, David Greer, at Bank Street in Coatbridge, one of our first town centre regeneration sites. Here, we will transform the acquired vacant and derelict buildings into new affordable homes for town centre living, as part of our ERDP Action Plan to invest at least £14m in town centre projects by April 2023.

Identifying and progressing key regeneration sites like Bank Street is one of 34 actions set out in the ERDP's first pdf icon Action Plan [2Mb]. Reviewed and updated annually, the Action Plan sets out the key actions we will take between now and 2023 to support the economic regeneration of North Lanarkshire.



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