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2019 exam results success

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The wait for exam results ended this morning (Tuesday 6 August) for pupils, parents and teachers across North Lanarkshire.

And it was another strong performance by North Lanarkshire's schools, building on the successes of the past ten years.

Derek Brown, Executive Director of Education and Families, said: "Results day is an important moment in the lives of so many young people and we celebrate their success and the achievements of all our learners across a wide range of areas.

"It allows us to celebrate the variety of options that pupils now have available to them to choose their own route and equip themselves with vital skills for learning, life and work.

"This could mean moving directly into the world of work, gaining qualifications while working, choosing an apprenticeship, studying at college, gaining the qualifications to go on to university, or any varying combination of these.

"When one of our pupils succeeds in gaining entry to any one of these routes it deserves celebration in equal measure.

"We are seeing improvements in a range of areas including academic, vocational and employability skills which reflects the hard work and effort put in by young people, the staff and indeed the families who support them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff who have supported our young people in their achievements and also to recognise the support provided by parents and carers."

"We continue to support a number of educational opportunities for our young people in North Lanarkshire and remain highly ambitious for them as we strive to make our area the place to Live, Learn, Work, Invest and Visit."

Some of the key points from the 2019 Scottish Qualification Authority results in North Lanarkshire are:

  • S4 data indicates that we are broadly in line with previous years with 39.3% of young people successful in attaining 5 or more National 5 awards at SCQF level 5. Although this is a slight decrease from last year we are still showing improvement from 2014.

  • S5 performance has seen an improvement for both 1+ and 3+ Highers and we remain broadly in line with our 5 plus Higher figure from last year.

    • Our S5 1+ figure is continuing an upward trend over a 6 year period with improvement from 48% in 2014 to 56.9% this year. Last year the figure was 56.2%.

    • Our 3+ figure is showing consistency at around 32.5% since 2016.

      This year the figure is 32.6%, last year it was 32.1% and in 2014 it was 27.1% so there are some clear improvements in this area.

    • Our 5+ figure has decreased very slightly since last year where it was 11.9%, this year it is 11.7%, although it is consistent with our five year average of 11.9%.

  • S6 is fairly consistent this year for all measures across Higher with little variation. Two of the measures show a slight increase with 1+ Higher increasing from 66.9% in 2018 to 67.2% this year, in 2014 the figure was 56.7% with a trend of improvement across the last 6 years.

  • The S6 3+ and 5+ results are showing slight decreases from 42.2% to 41.1% and 27.5% to 27.3% respectively although both figures still demonstrate improvements from 2014.

  • S6 Advanced Higher has decreased from 16.3% to 14.4% this year, although this year's figure is consistent with what was achieved in 2015 and 2016.

Skills Development Scotland's exam results helpline opens from 8am on Tuesday 6 August for advice, information and support for young people and carers.

The number to call is 0808 100 8000.

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