Creative Chryston pupils plan for new school

Design workshop

Chryston PS design workshop

Talented pupils at Chryston primary school have taken part in a unique design workshop which will help influence possible design of a future new primary school in the town.

Twenty-five children from the pupil council came up with ideas and designs for what they would like to see included in a new school.

Amanda Molloy, Education Support Officer with North Lanarkshire Council explained: "We have some really gifted pupils in the school who have been having some great ideas about features they would like to see. We decided to set them a project challenge of coming up with suggestions and designs of how they would like things to look. The pupil council then took this to all children in the school who had a chance to give their input.

"Working with the head teacher, we showed the pupils images from recent new build schools and using QR codes, we let them see into some other new buildings around the country to give them ideas.

"The feedback was fantastic and the suggestions were really well thought out and practical for both the school and local community."

Ideas included:

  •          An outdoor classroom
  •          Lunch hall and gym to be separate rooms
  •          School garden to grow their own vegetables
  •          Basketball and football area
  •          Art, IT and Science room
  •          Daily mile track around the playground
  •          Swimming/community pool to allow pupils access and reduce costs for swimming lessons
  •          Community nursery
  •          Solar panels
  •          Woodland area to build dens and explore
  •          Climbing wall
  •          Cooking kitchen
  •          Bike track with shelter
  •          Tennis area
  •          Air Conditioning

Head teacher Mrs Burke added: "We are fortunate to have really creative and enthusiastic pupils at the school and this was a great learning experience for them. The children really enjoyed using the QR codes on their ipads to see into recently built schools where a virtual layout highlighted what individual rooms would look like. The pupils liked looking inside the buildings and highlighted what they would like to see included in a new school."

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