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Temporary closure of school building

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Update April 2020

Essential repair works will take place to the drainage line below the junior wing of Stepps Primary School between Monday 27 April 2020 and Monday 11 May 2020.

The works are being carried out by contractors Luddon Construction Ltd, Moffat Group, James Strang ltd and Core Drilling Contractors Ltd on behalf of TSNL.

The work consists of diverting the junior wing toilet drainage across the playground to an alternative manhole.

This temporary solution will ease the pressure on the existing drainage infrastructure until such time as the permanent remedial works can be carried out.

The works should take approximately two weeks to complete with all excavations reinstated and made good during that period.

Update March 2020

Having considered various options to address the drainage issues beneath the school building we now have a preferred option that has been agreed between the council and TSNL.

Our main priority throughout this process has been to continue to deliver education on site and to avoid the need to find alternative accommodation for pupils and staff elsewhere.

We believe that the preferred option allows us to achieve this while safeguarding the safety and wellbeing of our children, staff and other users of the facility.

The preferred option is to connect single storey modular units - at the front of the building where the amphitheatre is - to the existing library area. All of this space would then be used for education purposes.

We appreciate that this would mean that existing users of these areas would be displaced therefore TSNL are currently exploring alternative local provision to accommodate these users.

The advantages of this plan include:

  • Retaining education delivery on site
  • Allowing the continued use of the entire gym hall
  • Allowing contractor access to the site from the playing fields at the rear of the building
  • Minimising risk from the service road
  • Minimises the number of school pupils impacted the works at any one time as remedial work will be undertaken in phases
  • Using single story modular units within the current school footprint

The disadvantages are:

  • Loss of external amphitheatre
  • Temporary loss of community space including the library - however these will hopefully be rehoused in another site nearby while the works are being carried out

There are still some technical details that need to be finalised however, once these have been addressed then we will provide full details and hold an information session for your questions to be answered.

We would anticipate holding this session at some point in April when the council's preferred option will be developed to a sufficient level of detail that will demonstrate a robust approach to carrying out the remediation works in a live school environment. This is our current timescales, however, given the current uncertainty with coronavirus, they may be subject to change.

Update February 2020

The council has been meeting with representatives from Transform Schools North Lanarkshire Ltd (TSNL), who own the building, to consider their proposals for remediation. Following these discussions, TSNL and their designers are updating their proposals. While we understand this may be frustrating, these are complex works and it is essential that the options considered meet both the requirement to resolve the drainage issue and the needs of the school community. We will provide a further update as soon as possible. We will continue to keep you updated once a new plan has been developed. Any specific concerns or enquiries should be directed through this contact email:

Update January 2020

Following extensive site investigation works in December 2019, Transform Schools North Lanarkshire (TSNL) has informed us that extensive ground improvement works would be needed to accommodate temporary school units on the Hockey Fields.

This would result in considerable delays to our initial timetable and means the installation of the modular accommodation may be delayed until early 2021 and drainage remediation works with the existing school potentially pushing the completion date to early 2022.

The grounds investigation works also suggests that, if we were to pursue our original plan, the hockey fields may not be capable of being restored back to their original condition once the temporary accommodation has been removed.

Given these challenges, combined with ongoing drainage failures within the existing school, both TSNL and North Lanarkshire Council are looking at suitable alternative options.

We will continue to keep you updated once a new plan has been developed.

If you have any specific concerns or enquiries, please remember that you can contact email:


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