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Lanarkshire couples celebrating their golden wedding anniversary after being married in 1969 enjoyed a glittering party at Motherwell Concert Hall to mark their landmark anniversary.

Hosted jointly by North and South Lanarkshire councils on Monday 16 September, the happy couples danced the afternoon away as they reminisced about their big day half a century ago. View the pictures on our Flickr.

Provost of North Lanarkshire Jean Jones said: "Golden weddings are very special occasions and bring back so many happy memories for people.

"Things have changed so much since 1969, when most couples might have met at the 'dancing', but the one thing which has endured is their lasting commitment to each other. To reach this milestone in married life is remarkable and I congratulate each and every couple during this special year in their lives."

The couples enjoyed an afternoon of music from the 60s as well as an afternoon tea and had pictures of their own special big day beamed onto a giant screen in the concert hall. Each couple was then presented with a commemorative gift and had their photographs taken. 

South Lanarkshire Provost Ian McAllan said: "The world around us may change dramatically over the years but every time presents its own challenges, and it is as a loving couple that we are helped to find the strength and means to meet whatever fate sets in our path.

"The presence of all the inspiring couples at this event is testament to the success they have achieved in navigating all of those times - and while there is a sense of achievement in surmounting the difficult ones, I hope there have been more of the good times overall.

"For while the world around us changes, one constant that remains the same is that love binds us together with a strength that nothing else can match, and I offer my heartfelt congratulations on these Golden Wedding Anniversaries that prove this very fact."

Provost Jones also took the couples on a walk down memory lane as she spoke about some of the famous local venues many of the people met at including The Trocadero, The Salon in Hamilton and the Coatbridge Palais.

And 1969 was also famous for Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin being the first men to walk on the moon, the QE2 making its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York and it being the year two Beatles got married, John Lennon to Yoko Ono and Paul McCartney tying the knot with Linda Eastman.

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