Advice for residents

Rats are attracted by food so the key advice is to remove any possible source of food from your garden and surrounding area.

  • Keep your garden free of any rubbish. Rats will easily rip open bin bags to look for food.
  • If you put out seeds or nuts for birds, clear any leftover food away at the end of the day. Rats tend to leave their nests at night to look for food, and will eat any food that falls from bird feeders or tables.
  • Place all rubbish in your bins and keep the lids closed, particularly the food and garden waste bin and residual waste bin.
  • Keep bins away from a fence or wall where possible, as rats can climb then jump on to a bin to reach food.
  • Rats only need a gap of 15mm to get through, so to prevent any access to your house seal up any gaps in walls or around pipes.

If you see or find evidence of rats at your home, phone Environmental Enquiries on 01698 403110 to request the pest control service.

More information about preventing rats is available in our factsheet - pdf icon Advice on Bird Feeding to help avoid attracting rodents into garden [1Mb].

If you are concerned about rubbish left in a neighbouring property or your street, phone Environmental Enquiries on 01698 403110.

If you regularly have excess waste in your general waste bin which means the lid is open, you may not be maximising the recycling bins. If the three recycling bins are used fully, there should be adequate space in the residual black bin. If you need more recycling capacity, larger recycling bins are available free of charge and we can provide advice on recycling to reduce your household waste.


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