Home learning

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Each week we will be providing useful information to support you with home learning. Your child's school will already be providing learning activities through Glow.

We would recommend that you create a timetable to put structure into your week. Planning will help reduce the stress and anxiety. Decide what aspects of the daily routines will stay the same at home and use your child's usual day as a starting point.

Serve lunch at the same time as it would be in school and encourage your child to use this time to catch up with a friend online to provide social engagement.

Our regular newsletters will give you additional suggested health and wellbeing activities that you can do with your child. We will base them around the wellbeing indicators (Safe, Healthy, Active, Nurtured, Achieving, Responsible, Respected and Included).

We will also provide regular newsletters which will give you digital activities you can do with your child. These will focus on literacy, numeracy, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Maths) and digital skills.

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