Arranging a burial

Please note the cemeteries administration office is currently closed to in-person visits and all correspondence should be sent by email or fax.

Arrangements are in place for next of kin arranging a funeral who may be self-isolating or affected by coronavirus infection and therefore unable to sign documentation. Please speak to your funeral director or the cemeteries administration office for more information.

Please ensure the team are made aware, via your funeral director if relevant, if the deceased was a known or suspected Covid-19 victim.

Attendance at burials

The Health Protection (Coronavirus) (Restrictions) (Scotland) Regulations 2020 set out temporary restrictions around funeral services.

The regulations provide that except to the extent that a person has a reasonable excuse, no person may leave the place where they are living. The regulations set out that it is a reasonable excuse for the following people to attend a funeral service:

  • members of the deceased's household;
  • close family members of the deceased; or
  • if no-one in the above two categories is attending, a friend of the deceased.

Adherence to these regulations and wider NHS Inform advice on social distancing is important to help stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) amongst communities.

In line with wider public health advice, the maximum of 15 people are permitted to attend burials within our premises. 

You must not attend the burial if you are displaying symptoms of coronavirus or if required to self-isolate because a member of your household has displayed symptoms.

Burial arrangements

No services or ceremonies are permitted within our cemeteries at this time.

Only funeral director and burial staff shall be involved in transporting the coffin to graveside and lowering the coffin. Social distancing with mourners must be maintained while transporting the coffin and during the burial. Mourners must remain behind any barriers or markers in place to maintain a suitable distance to staff.

Please note staff may be wearing additional forms of personal protective equipment such as facemasks and we appreciate your understanding in these measures to help protect our staff.

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