Connecting North Lanarkshire

Connecting North Lanarkshire

Our vision is to improve the connectivity to and between North Lanarkshire's places and spaces.

We need to think about what our future towns and communities will look like and how we can create a complementary network of safe, attractive, and healthier places. As well as contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions, this network of active travel connections make it more convenient, accessible and affordable for the people who live here.

We will carry out an audit of all our green spaces. This will help inform the development of our town visions, hubs and parks. Central to this is the creation of a North Lanarkshire-wide infrastructure that provides active health and lifestyle benefits for everyone. We want to make it easier for people to walk, cycle or wheel their way through our places and spaces for everyday journeys.

We have also identified a number of places where there's the potential to create heat energy networks, contributing to our commitment to zero carbon by 2030.

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