Enterprise Strategic Commercial Partnership

Enterprise Partnership Project

As Scotland's fourth largest local authority, we are forward thinking and ambitious, with a clear vision and agreed plan on how we will transform North Lanarkshire, making it the place to Live, Learn, Work, Invest and Visit.

In order to drive forward the ambitious plans for large-scale regeneration and infrastructure projects the council intends to create a long term innovative Enterprise Strategic Commercial Partnership (the ESCP) to deliver a full range of asset-infrastructure-related services including associated professional services from initial feasibility, through design to delivery and construction, to lifecycle maintenance and management.

It is anticipated that the ESCP will provide the flexibility required to enable the council to move at pace to support its key plans and initiatives.

This partnership will provide the procurement connection between the council's strategy and the market's solution in terms of securing a transformative alternative service delivery model.

We will shortly be seeking a partner to create a long-term, strategic, commercial and place-shaping partnership to enable us to work together to deliver a full range of interconnected property, community asset and infrastructure investments including the repair and investment in current and new build housing and council assets, as well as building new community assets, infrastructure and town centre regeneration programmes.

The council hosted a successful online market engagement event on Monday 3rd August 2020, attracting more than 70 attendees, this allowed the opportunity to share information about the Enterprise Strategic Commercial Partnership and the exciting opportunity that this presents for organisations that share our ambition and are interested in establishing a corporate entity (ie a company or partnership) with us to deliver an innovative new approach to deliver a full range of interconnected property, community asset and infrastructure investments. This may involve the parties sharing assets, resources, land, capital, staff, investment, know how and risk.


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