Tackling Poverty

"We want to ensure that North Lanarkshire will be the place where everyone has equality of opportunity, a place where individuals and communities are poverty free.

In North Lanarkshire we recognise that achieving our goals will not be quick or easy; nor will it be something that as a local authority we will be able to do alone. Our shared ambition places partners and communities at the core of the delivery plan.

The North Lanarkshire Tackling Poverty Strategy will ensure that we unlock the potential of the resources and 'lived experience' of all partners and communities to ensure positive outcomes for the people of North Lanarkshire."

Councillor Jim Logue, Leader of North Lanarkshire Council


North Lanarkshire Council and NHS Lanarkshire have produced a Local Child Poverty Action Report detailing what we are committed to do and plan to do to tackle child poverty across our towns. You can view and download the action report here.

We recognise however, that you cannot help the child without helping the home and community. We have therefore produced a pdf icon Tackling Poverty Strategy [2Mb] which will ensure a co-ordinated approach to tackling poverty and inequalities across our localities.


North Lanarkshire Tacking Poverty Strategy

"This is the first North Lanarkshire Tackling Poverty Strategy to be produced. The Strategy reflects our commitment to ensuring equity of opportunity for all of our residents. In our Plan for North Lanarkshire we committed to focus on the things that will significantly improve the quality of life and well-being for all our residents. This Strategy is a major step in ensuring that our residents are offered opportunities, support, advice and information that will address the three main drivers of poverty."

Des Murray Chief Executive - North Lanarkshire Council


What are the drivers of poverty?

The three main drivers of poverty are:

  1. Increasing income from employment

  2. Maximising income via social security benefits

  3. Reducing the cost of living


Who is involved?

Our community planning partners and voluntary and community sector colleagues are committed to tackling poverty and inequality and our first action plan sets out our approach to this.

The close involvement of our communities in shaping our approach will ensure that we are meeting the differing needs in all of the communities of North Lanarkshire.

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