Survey on our future housing plans

Your views can shape our Local Housing Strategy


We're developing our new housing plan for the next five years and would like to hear from you and find out what's important to you and to your local community.

Our new Local Housing Strategy (for 2021-26) sets out our plans for housing and housing related services in North Lanarkshire for the next five years. It covers areas such as housing supply, homelessness, property condition, energy efficiency, fuel poverty and older person's and specialist housing.

Currently, we're still in the early stages of consultation but want to make sure the priorities included reflect the views of our local residents and their communities.

We released a survey earlier in the year asking residents for their top three housing priorities. This latest survey follows up on the feedback we received and gives residents another chance to have their say on the most important housing issues and challenges in their areas. It also gives residents the opportunity to give their views on how we can tackle these challenges - and how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on their housing situation.

Take the survey. It will only take five minutes. If you would like a paper copy, please contact Alana McKibbin, Business Planning Co-ordinator on 07583024141. The survey closes on the 30th of October.

Stephen Llewellyn, Head of Housing Solutions, said: "Our Local Housing Strategy sets out our plans for the future of housing and housing services and it's so important we hear as many views as possible. This is the start of our consultation which will involve tenants, tenant and community groups and residents from across the area.

"We want to know what matters to you, find out your priorities and hear your experiences. Improving the lives of our tenants and regenerating our local communities and town centres are the drivers behind our long-term ambitions for North Lanarkshire. We're committed to delivering more energy efficient homes and improvements to tackle fuel poverty and energy efficiency, as well as supplying good quality affordable homes and meeting the needs of older people and people requiring additional support. We want you to be part of our plans and work with us to achieve our aspirations."

We will provide updates as our consultation continues and our plans progress.

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