Moving in

Signing your lease

Your lease is a contract between you and us and will have information on:

  • The date the lease starts.
  • The rent for the property.
  • Your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.
  • The condition of the property at the start of the lease.

The lease also lets you know what rights and responsibilities we have as your landlord. We will give you a copy to keep. Please keep this in a safe place.

When your lease begins

As well as the lease, we will give you:

  • Keys to the property.
  • An electricity safety certificate.
  • A gas safety certificate (if there is gas in the property).
  • An asbestos survey.
  • A copy of the buildings insurance policy.
  • A tenant information pack.
  • Where appropriate, contact details for your caretaker or reception staff along with details about using any shared facilities.


We will give you the electricity, gas and water (where applicable) meter readings and the name of our gas and electricity supplier. You will need these readings when you contact the suppliers to tell them that you are moving in. They may want to come and read the meter themselves. It is recommended that tenants check meter readings against those we provide. Please notify us if you change your utility supplier.

In some cases, the previous tenant may have switched suppliers without informing us. To check which company supplies the property, please call the numbers below:

MPAS: 0845 270 9101 (Electricity)

Scottish Gas Networks: 0845 070 1431 (Gas)

What to do next

We will inform utilities of your occupation but you may want to contact some or all of the following organisations when you move in (contact details can be found in the Useful Information section):

  • Trade refuse collection.
  • Scottish Water.
  • Non domestic rates.
  • Your contents insurance company - as part of the tenancy agreement we insure the building on your behalf.
  • Power suppliers.

Fire Regulations

Under the new fire regulations introduced in 2005, tenants are required to carry out their own fire safety risk assessment - we will require a copy of this once completed. Further information can be found in the section - Repairs to your property.

Our checks before you start your lease

Before you move in, we will make sure that the following have been carried out:

  • The fixed electrical wiring in the property will be checked under the current IEE Regulations, and these must be in a safe condition.
  • The gas supply and any gas appliances will be tested, and these must be in a safe condition.
  • We will have arranged a survey of any asbestos present in the property and provided you with a copy of the results.
  • A Schedule of Condition will be prepared setting out the condition of the property at the start of the lease.
  • Since 2009 some properties now require an Energy Performance Certificate.  If this is the case for your property, you will be provided with a copy of the Certificate which must be displayed prominently within the premises.

If you want to alter the property, please discuss this with us, as any changes will have to be reinstated to their original condition, at your expense, at the termination of the lease.

You should always request our permission if you want to make alterations to the property, contact us to obtain an Application for Alteration form.

Contents insurance

Don't forget to arrange your contents insurance before you move in. We insure the structure of your property but it is up to you to arrange insurance for your contents and stock. If your contents and stock are damaged and need to be cleared from the building, our buildings insurance will not pay for that expense - for this reason, we may require a copy of your contents policy.

Refuse collection service

Please click here for information on refuse collection.

Be a good neighbour

We will not accept nuisance behaviour. We will use all of our powers to deal with any problems effectively, firmly and fairly, to make sure that all tenants can enjoy the benefits of the property.

Use of property

The lease will state what the property can be used for - usually this will be a fairly broad range of uses. However, in the case of shop premises, there may be restrictions on the use of the property to the sale of particular types of goods. This is to protect shop keepers in neighbourhood centres from direct competition from neighbouring shops and allow a range of shop uses to exist. If you wish to change the use stated in the lease, please contact your property officer to discuss the matter. If we do allow you to change the use of the property, we will require you to pay all legal costs and administration fees, and you will be responsible for applying for the appropriate planning permissions.

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