Community alternatives for young people

Working with young people aged 11-16 (18 for youth court groupwork)

The service aims to work with young people aged 11-16 (18 for youth court groupwork) with a view to retaining them with their families in their own communities. It has been developing in partnership with other social work staff, education, psychological services and the children's hearing system.

The current services offers a seven day a week, 52 week service which comprises day assess (incorporating education), evening groupwork, individual and family work youth court groupwork and person centred counselling.

The young people referred have a range of difficulties including school behaviour, family breakdown, offending, drugs and alcohol misuse and social exclusion.

The staff team use a range of approaches from cognitive behavioural programmes, prosocial modelling, anger management, problem solving and restorative justice approaches and therapeutic counselling. The service also offers intensive structured support to families.

Community alternatives will work with young people for as long as they need intensive support. This can range from six-eight weeks' assessment to six-eight month groupwork intervention.

The service hopes to expand its work with young people involved in anti-social behaviour and persistent young offenders using a range of restorative justice approaches and programmes based on "what works" agenda.


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