Statutory Sick Pay

This is an income maintenance payment for ill employees

Who can get it?
Employed persons unable to work through illness.

Who pays it?
Employer. Some can claim reimbursement.

How is it claimed?
From employer after producing sick-line self-certificate for first seven days. Doctors certificate after this.

Any age limits?
Up to 65.

Is it National Insurance based?
No - but you must have been earning over lower earnings limit.

How long does it last?
28 weeks maximum. Four day lead-in period.

Any effect on other benefits?
Overlaps with NI benefits but not bereavement allowance. Counts in full for means tested benefits.

Is it taxable?

Are there any dependant's additions?

Is it payable in the European Union?
If it is a UK employer.

Can you appeal?

Please use the 'contact us' box if you have any questions.

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