Nursery places for children age three to five

Policy for admitting children age three to five years

Policy for admitting children aged 3-5 years

In line with North Lanarkshire Council's admissions policy children will be eligible for a statutory funded nursery place in line with the following dates:

Children who reach 3 years of age between 1 March 2019 and 13 August 2019: the start date will be 14 August 2019

Children who reach 3 years of age between 14 August 2019 and 29 February 2020: the start date is the day after the child's 3rd birthday

Children applying to North Lanarkshire Council from another Local Authority (Cross Boundary Protocol will apply): the start date will be the term after the child's 3rd birthday (Funded Providers only)

Nursery places in services managed by North Lanarkshire Council are allocated according to the "Admissions to Early Years Establishments Policy 3-5 Years" and in accordance with the following criteria:

Category 1 Children whose applications are supported by an agency significantly involved with the child and family

Category 2 Children who have siblings within the nursery in August 2019

Category 3 Children from the defined local area and those children deferring entry to primary school

Category 4 Children from the defined local area whose parents/guardians are in employment and/or education and who require additional childcare services Children resident in North Lanarkshire whose carers live within the defined local area

Category 5 All other eligible children residing in the North Lanarkshire area

Category 6 Eligible children residing outwith North Lanarkshire Council (Cross Boundary)

The defined local area is the catchment area of the local non-denominational or denominational primary school.

Applications which fall within Category 4 in centres, the defined local area encompasses the catchments of all local authority managed establishments within the nursery centre's panel area

When the number of applications exceeds the places available a ballot will be conducted using an agreed criteria.

For all establishments children in Category 1 will have places allocated prior to consideration of Category 2 children and so on.

How to apply for a council nursery place:

  • Children will normally attend the nursery closest to their home but may attend any of the council establishments and will be categorised in line with the admissions policy

  • Applications are available from all nurseries and should be returned to the nursery of your preferred choice

  • Application forms are also available to download by visiting the Nursery Admission, Policy and Application area of our website by following the link at the right of this web page

  • Applications should be submitted before close of business on the advertised deadline date (exact date changes each year, website and nursery staff will advise on this)

  • Please ensure that you indicate three choices on your application in order of preference

  • Should a place not be available in your first choice nursery, your application will be considered by your second choice nursery and so on

  • Only one application should be made for each eligible child unless funding is to be split between more than one nursery

  • The nursery will notify you by letter of your nursery placement in line with the advertised timescale and will offer your child the opportunity of an induction at the nursery

For general advice on childcare contact our family information service by following the link at the right of this web page

North Lanarkshire Council Early Learning & Childcare establishments offer the following:

  • Deliver the underpinning principles of Getting it Right for Every Child

  • A high qualified workforce that will care for and educate your child

  • Strong pedagogical leadership

  • Provide warm and supportive interactions from early learning practitioners who will listen to and respond to their needs

  • Deliver a holistic curriculum which focuses on high quality play based learning

  • Provide high quality environments both indoors and outdoors where your child can develop a range of skills for lifelong learning

There will also be opportunities for your child to make friends with other children and to have fun in an environment where your family's culture, religion and language are respected

The council also works with Early Learning & Childcare Providers in the independent and voluntary sector and places may be funded within these establishments

Please use the contact box if you have any questions. For more information, see related pages, downloads or other useful websites




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