North Lanarkshire Council Nurseries

North Lanarkshire Council Nurseries Age Covered - birth-5 years

North Lanarkshire Council offers nursery places through three types of nursery:

  • Nursery Classes: located in primary schools, managed by the primary school head teacher and offering school term time places.
  • Nursery Schools: these offer a similar provision to nursery classes at a dedicated nursery school and are managed by a nursery head teacher.
  • Nursery Centres: these are open all year round and, depending on availability, may offer full time places as well as limited prioritised places for children from birth to three.

Most North Lanarkshire Council nurseries operate morning and afternoon sessions. A typical session may be from 9.00am to 11.30am and from 1.00pm to 3.30pm. Your child may have a place at the morning session or the afternoon session. Term length can vary depending on whether your child is at a nursery centre, a nursery school or a nursery attached to a primary school. Terms at nursery schools and classes attached to primary schools are the same as the school term so your child receives a nursery place during school term time only.

In general, North Lanarkshire Council nurseries do not provide continuous, all day care like childminders or voluntary nurseries. You may be able to pay for additional hours at a North Lanarkshire Council nursery but only if a place is available. Priority for places is given to those children taking up a pre-school entitlement place or for children where additional nursery support is needed in line with the Council's Admissions Policy. Each establishment is different and, if you want to buy additional hours at your child's nursery, you should speak to the nursery.

Like all other childcare providers, North Lanarkshire Council nurseries are registered with Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (SCSWIS) formerly known as the Care Commission. They are inspected by both SCSWIS and Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education with the reports being published online, you can access this site by using the external links box on the right of your page.

Each nursery offers a safe and structured environment for your child to learn. They have well qualified staff and operate to high standards. All nursery services are delivered by Learning & Leisure Services and you can see information on North Lanarkshire Council nurseries by visiting our Family Information Service website by using the link box on the right of your page.

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