School meals performance and developments

School meals performance - how are we doing?

From April 2018 - January 2019

  • We supplied approximately 3,290,404 meals across all our schools.
  • Primary 1 - Primary 3 free meal uptake was 73% which is (1,232,208) meals.
  • Our Breakfast Clubs, which are now in all our primary schools, served an average of 2884 breakfasts per day.

Customer contact

From April 2018 - January 2019

  • No formal complaints were received in relation to the school meals service.
  • We received 139 general enquiries which covered the school meals service; breakfast clubs and online payments.
  • We received 2 compliments

Consulting with our customers in order to improve our services is a key aim of Facility Support Services. We engage with our customers on a regular basis through customer comments cards and we have recently completed an online survey which went out to parents and carers council wide.  Focus groups working with the school pupil councils are carried out a regular basis with a follow up session to ensure our customers receive feed back to "you said we did" Our customer results include:

Pupil school meals mystery shopping

During 2018-19, pupils helped us by carrying out mystery visits on school lunches.  This exercise is carried out twice a year with results as follows:

  • April - June 2018 satisfaction 74.5%
  • September - November 2018 satisfaction 78.1%

Headteachers surveys

During 2018-19, head teachers rated the school meals service as follows:

  • 90.8% were very / fairly satisfied with the overall catering service they receive, and
  • 92.4% were very / fairly satisfied with how well the catering staff do their jobs.

Parents surveys

  • Parents of Primary 1 pupils, who started school in August 2018, visited the school dinner hall to enjoy a school meal with their child / children.  Parents who attended this during 2018 rated their visit on the overall service at 99.9%.
  • Following a large online survey with parents of primary school children, those who use the school meals service gave a satisfaction rating of 78.6%


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