School Meal Performance and Developments

Meal Service in all North Lanarkshire schools

Improving school meal uptake is a key aim of Facility Support Services and many initiatives are taken forward following consultation with pupils, parents and head teachers.

Parents Tasters are undertaken every two years. word icon Parent Tasters 2015 [405kb] and Mystery Shopper takes place up to twice a year word icon Mystery Shopper Report Apr - Jun 2016 [480kb]word icon Mystery Shopper Sept -Nov 2016 [1Mb]

Primary 1 to Primary 3 free meal uptake from April 2016 to 20th January 2017 is 82.65% which is 1,158,368 meals and at present the breakfast clubs serve on average 2,500 breakfasts per day.

We also monitor the number of page views on our website through Google analytics word icon Google Analytics [43kb].


Using all the information gained from customer consultation, along with consulting with our own staff at our High School Catering Managers Conference 2016 new initiatives were agreed to take forward or are at the planning stage.

The ASN pictorial menu pdf icon Pictorial Primary Autumn Winter Menu 2016 [2Mb] was developed in 2015 following the Primary Catering Managers summer project and is used in the classroom to help pupils pre-order their lunch.

St Aidan's High school opened a coffee pod in June 2015 and their income has gone up by 40%.

Other projects include a Grab'n'Go service for secondary schools currently being piloted in six high schools and a street eats food cart word icon FOOD CART [503kb]has been set up at Taylor High school and proving to be very popular so far.  

Two secondary schools have also been selected for a Catering Kiosk separate service point, aimed for opening after Easter 2017.

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