School enrolment

Enrolment of children in primary and secondary schools

Across North Lanarkshire there are 119 primary schools, 23 secondary schools and a range of other establishments.

Entry to primary school

Normally your child will attend the local primary school. Details of the actual boundaries of the catchment area is available from the school. You can also check your school catchment area using our postcode search. Entry is at the start of the new session in August each year.

In addition, the authority provides Gaelic Medium education at Condorrat primary school, Cumbernauld.

You may also make a placing request for your child to attend a school other than the local school.

Entry age

Your child will be automatically admitted to school in August if his or her fifth birthday falls between 1 March of that same year and the last day of February of the following year.

You can, however, make a request for early entry to school for a child whose fifth birthday falls after the above period. A separate booklet, obtainable from the department of education contains full details.

Registering your child for primary school.

If your child is due to start school in August, he or she should be registered in your local primary school before the end of the proceeding January. Local advertisements issued in January each year provide full details on how to register your child.

Transfer from primary to secondary school

The primary schools in an area are associated with a single secondary school and pupils normally transfer from the primary school to its associated secondary school between the ages of 11 and a half and 12 and a half years.

Your local primary school will be able to tell you the name of the secondary school to which your child should transfer after the primary seven stage.

You may also make a placing request for your child to attend a secondary school other than the one associated with the primary school.

Denominational and non-denominational schools

In most parts of North Lanarkshire Council there are Roman Catholic schools which serve a defined area. You may enrol your child either at a local denominational school or at the non-denominational school.

Additional support needs

If your child has additional support needs, you can obtain advice and guidance from our Psychological Service.

Your child may continue to be educated in the local school or, in some cases, in a special unit based in a mainstream school. Where the difficulty or impairment is particularly severe, it may be better for your child to be educated in a separate special day school or residential school. Decisions on how the additional support needs of your child might be met will be taken only after full consultation with you.

Full information about additional support provision in your area can be obtained from our Early Years section. Information is also available about other special schools not managed by the council to which we send pupils.

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