Deferred entry to primary school

Children whose birthdays fall between 1 January and the last date in February will have the right to an additional year of part-time pre-school education if their parents request it.

You will be aware that a decision to postpone a child's entry to primary one has important implications; a request for discretionary deferred entry (September to December birthdays), therefore, should not be made for simple social reasons.

Children should be enrolled at their catchment school the appropriate week in January and a deferred entry form with supporting evidence completed by the Head Teacher and submitted to Learning & Leisure Services. Please note that no deferred entry forms will be processed unless signed by both the school and parent/carer of the child. Acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to the parent within five working days.

Accordingly, where application is being made to postpone entry to school, decisions are based on the range of supporting evidence that is furnished. This should include:

· Additional Support Plan/Coordinated Support Plan (where appropriate)

· Health and Wellbeing Assessment

· Current Nursery Report

· Minutes of Review Meeting which evidence involvement of parents and links with receiving establishments

· Current Reports - External Agencies (eg SLT, OHT, Pre Five Learning Support, Educational Psychologist, Social Work - please ensure these are up to date)

The local authority has the right to exercise discretion regarding all applications outwith January - February birthdays. Evidence shows that often, good information about the nature of primary one learning methods, the improved transition Curriculum for Excellence affords, and the well planned transition programmes delivered between nursery and receiving primary schools can offer reassurance to parents who are anxious about their child's move from nursery.

The child must enrol in the proposed receiving primary school to ensure that the school is aware that the child might be commencing school in the August. A Discretionary Deferred Entry 1 Form must be included to ensure that the child's current nursery includes them in their returning numbers for the following session. Failure to comply with this could result in the child's current nursery place being allocated to another child at the admission panel meetings which will be held in March.

Where a decision has not been reached by March the nursery and the school will retain a place until the parents, primary school and nursery are informed of the Learning and Leisure Services decision.

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