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Alexander Peden is a co-educational, non-denominational school but provision is also made for Catholic pupils. The school, which opened in September 1999, is situated between the communities of Harthill and Eastfield and it replaces two old village schools namely Harthill primary and Benhar primary.

Outside view of Alexander Peden Primary school

The school itself is of open plan design, which means that classes work in bases, which together form larger teaching areas. The school has two teaching areas, one houses the four youngest classes and the junior and senior classes share the larger teaching resources.

In the centre of the school there are several rooms for all classes to use, these are the gymnasium, an audio-visual room, a library and two general-purpose rooms, which also double as a dining area.

Classes are formed to cover the primary stages one to seven. Classes can either contain pupils who all enrolled in the same session or they may be formed by grouping children from different year groups

Every effort is made to provide strong links between the home and the school. It is this strong partnership that results in a successful school career. Regular newsletters are sent home to the parents of every pupil and contain useful information about the life of the school in curricular and extra-curricular areas, and provide advance notice of important events such as parents meetings and in-service days.

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5, so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Non-denominational pupils normally transfer to Calderhead High Shotts, and Roman Catholic children normally transfer to St Andrew's High Coatbridge.

Further information on the school can be found at Alexander Peden Primary School Website or downloading pdf icon Alexander Peden Primary school handbook [156kb]

For information on the school HMIE report visit Alexander Peden Primary HMIE Report.

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