Baird Memorial Primary and SEN Nursery

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Baird Memorial Primary was first opened in 1977 on the outskirts of Condorrat village in the new town of Cumbernauld. The original school was destroyed by fire in August 2000 and the new school opened in January 2004.

Outside view of Baird Memorial primary school

The school is semi-open plan with a glass walled library in the centre of the class bases.

There is a large gym hall, separate dining hall, audio and visual room and multi-purpose room for classes to use for circletime, drama, German etc.

The reception is bright and airy with a large administration office, head teacher's room and medical room located nearby. There is a separate resource room where all the teaching materials are located.

Pupils with Additional Support Needs are accommodated in the purpose built nursery facility within the school. The nursery has space for 10 pupils in the morning session and 6 pupils in the afternoon session. Mostly the children in the morning session have global delay or language and communication difficulties, while the afternoon group usually have, or are waiting for, a diagnosis of autism. Places here are allocated by the Allocation Panel at Support for Learning after referral by the child's Educational Psychologist.

The Education Resource Service, along with parent helpers, helped us to organise a beautiful library where all books are on a database and we have a checking in and out system.

Community education occupy separate purpose built rooms within the building along with the Bilingual Support Team, Meadow Club Nursery and the Wynd/Baird Out of School care facility.

As a school community we aspire to have a learning community which is flexible, caring, welcoming, stimulating and supports and values each individual to maximise achievements through high quality learning and teaching.

We aim:

  • to support and encourage all children to achieve high standards through active learning experiences.
  • to provide a safe and secure learning environment in which children are encouraged to be aware of local, environmental and global issues, fostering responsible citizenship.
  • to equip children with the skills and attitudes required to value diversity in an inclusive environment of fairness, tolerance and respect.
  • to promote secure partnerships across the school and beyond to maintain a healthy lifestyle and encourage lifelong learning.

Through the learning experiences of A Curriculum for Excellence, we ensure the development of the whole person, encouraging pupils and staff to be  confident individuals, successful learners, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

We actively encourage all parents to become fully involved in the education of their children by working closely with the school and by taking part in a range of activities throughout the school year which have been designed to develop the relationship between home and school.   We have an active group of parent helpers who work within the school.

The school has up to the minute security with computer controlled door locking system, CCTV and roller shutters on each door and window. The school has been finished off to a very high standard with beech wood doors and floors, carpets, walls and partitions which all co-ordinate and spacious cloakrooms.

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from Baird Memorial primary normally transfer to Greenfaulds High School..

For further information on the school visit Baird Memorial Primary School Website or download pdf icon Baird Memorial primary school handbook [191kb].

For information on the school HMIE report visit Baird Memorial Primary HMIE Report, you can also download pdf icon Baird Memorial PS HMIE progress report [15kb].

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