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Balmalloch Primary is a non-denominational, co-educational school and caters for the needs of pupils from primary one to primary seven. We have a nursery class attached to the school for 3-5 year olds. The school and nursery work closely and we have strong links with Kilsyth Academy school ensuring smooth transition between nursery, primary and secondary.

Outside view of Balmalloch Primary school

At Balmalloch Primary we promote positive relationships with parents. We welcome parents into the school to discuss any matter relating to their child's welfare. Parents are encouraged to volunteer as helpers and kept well informed through regular newsletters.

Staff and parents provide a range of activities for our pupils these include football, netball, badminton, athletics/cross country, choir, craft, cookery and bible club. During most sessions primary seven children have the choice to spend a week at a residential outdoor activity centre.

We play a prominent role in developing children educationally, emotionally and socially in the hope that they benefit greatly from the facilities available at the school and from the involvement of the school in the community ventures. We work together to develop the children's awareness of themselves as part of our community. We work hard to maintain a high and positive profile in our community and invitations are extended to our services, assemblies, sports day and Christmas concert. The expertise of members of our community is enlisted in many curricular areas. We welcome visitors to our school to share their knowledge and expertise and show that we appreciate and value their time and service. We are lucky to have so many "Friends of Balmalloch Primary". We have fostered strong links with the local senior citizens and we entertain them at Christmas, send Easter cards and provide afternoon tea and a concert in June.

Pupils normally transfer from primary school to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 years, so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from Balmalloch primary school normally transfer to Kilsyth Academy.

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