Chapelgreen Primary and Nursery

Chapelgreen Primary school badge

Chapelgreen primary is a non-denominational, co-educational primary school in the village of Queenzieburn. The school covers all stages from nursery to primary seven. Being a small school our pupils are organised in composite or multi-composite classes. Classes are formed where possible on the basis of chronological age of pupils. There are many extra curricular activities available within our school. After school handball, rugby, gymnastics and athletics clubs have been organised for this session through North Lanarkshire Sports Development Initiative.

There is a large playing field for games and sports outdoors. The school is regularly represented in local quizzes and competitions including Kilsyth Civic Week activities, Cumbernauld and Kilsyth District Burns Club and Kilsyth Annual Horticultural Show. Each term, the children usually in class groups, make educational outings relating to their work in the classroom. In addition there is an educational outing at the end of the summer term of a more relaxed nature and of great benefit socially to the school as a community.

Outside view of Chapelgreen Primary school

At Chapelgreen we seek to foster a partnership with parents in the responsibility of educating their children. Organised evenings are held at regular intervals and parents are notified well in advance. Whenever possible, parents will be invited to evenings arranged to discuss and view material used in specific areas of the curriculum. Parents are also encouraged to come along and view their children in any performance activity in which they are involved. We publish a monthly newsletter and regularly place information with our local newspaper.

Children coming to school in August as P1 are invited to "Welcome to School" sessions in May. Parents are invited along and are given the opportunity to view some of the material their children will use, have explained the policies of the school and also ask any questions about school health care. Members of the PTA also attend these meetings outlining our activities throughout the year and encouraging new members.

The school plays a large part in the life of the village of Queenzieburn. The building is an important community resource and a focal point for the village. The school welcomes this whilst recognising it is primarily an educational establishment. The value of the school to the community goes far beyond the formal education which it provides. Parents and other members of the community are regularly invited to attend assemblies; services, function and activities organised by the school.

Through this multi-purpose usage of the building we seek to foster mutual respect and consideration for all aspects of village life and also for the building which is regularly utilised. The school children participate in events organised by the community and we liaise with local police, fire, health and road safety officers.

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from Chapelgreen primary normally transfer to Kilsyth Academy. To ease the transfer to the secondary school for our pupils visits to the academy are arranged for them during the summer term. Staff from Kilsyth Academy also visit Chapelgreen to work with and get to know, the children. This also gives our pupils an opportunity to meet staff and begin to relate to at least some of them before attending the academy. Parents of pupils transferring to secondary are invited to an evening meeting to discuss the change from primary to secondary education, usually with the rector of Kilsyth Academy.

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