Keir Hardie Memorial Primary and Nursery

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Keir Hardie Memorial Primary School is a non-denominational establishment for children aged 5 to 12 years with approximately 140 pupils. There is also a 30/30 nursery class incorporated in the school for children aged 3 to 5 years.

Outside view of Kier Hardie Memorial Primary school

The school was opened in 1956 and named after James Keir Hardie, founder member of the Scottish Labour Party. The school was adapted in 1993 and again in 2010 when there was some refurbishment to the interior and exterior, new carpets and flooring and the whole school painted. Areas were relocated and provision was made for the nursery class.

The school now comprises of a nursery class, 7 classrooms used for teaching and one room for cooking and art lessons. We also have a large gym and a separate kitchen and dining hall for lunches. We have extensive grounds and children are encouraged to use them as part of our approach to develop active, healthy lifestyles. The school has a Gold Health award. Keir Hardie, with four ECO flags, has Permanent Eco status.

We are proud to have a positive ethos and have established a learning community where everyone is treated with respect in a caring, safe environment. Teachers work very hard to ensure they deliver a curriculum to challenge and motivate their learners. Pupils are actively involved in their learning from the nursery at the Early Level, to our Primary 7 pupils at Second Level. Lessons are planned to ensure children are achieving appropriate experiences and outcomes and are aware of the learning intentions and success criteria planned by the teacher. Next steps and targets, are set with the children, in order for them to improve their learning.

Teaching and non-teaching staff in Keir Hardie are totally committed to developing our young people to be responsible citizens, successful learners, confident individuals and effective contributors. One of the ways we do this is through Pupil Voice. All pupils in Keir Hardie are members of one of seven committees, in classes with P1 - P7, this is also in line with North Lanarkshire's Raising Achievement for All.

The committees meet every Friday, before our weekly assembly. During assembly we celebrate attainment and achievement. Certificates are presented to the children who have been nominated by the support staff, kitchen staff, janitor, their peers and teachers.

The children take responsibility for organising events for charities and school funds, through the Citizenship and Community Committee. We have two ECO Committees; Energy and Bio-Diversity who are responsible for ensuring we maintain our permanent status and help manage the energy budget. Our Safety Committee encompasses road safety, internet safety and all areas of safety throughout the school year. They produce literature, posters and invite speakers to inform pupils and parents. The Pupil Council are involved in evaluating the progress we are making with the School Improvement Plan, they consult with the pupils and collate the results, feed back to the staff and this is included in the School Improvement Report for the education department. Our School Promotion Committee regularly update the school website. They liaise with teachers and committees for photographs and information to be included each term. They also ensure the school the school is promoted in the local newspapers. The Health and Wellbeing Committee take responsibility for monitoring behaviour and organising end of term treats. They also promote hygiene and healthy attitudes including hand washing, tooth brushing and encourage healthy snacks.

Each year we encourage children to attend Out of Hours Learning and staff organise a range of clubs. We run a Parent/Child P1 - P3 Homework Club every week throughout the session and for pupils P4 - P7, these are supported by the teachers. There are a mixture of sports ie Basketball, Football and Dance, Drama, Chess, Heartstart, led by teachers or coaches.

We work very closely with parents/carers and include them in school developments, there is a very supportive Parent Council / PTA. Our open door policy ensures they can approach the school if they have any concerns or require some support. We run a variety of workshops and curriculum events for parents/carers to inform them of changes to learning and teaching approaches and to develop partnership working. We have two formal Parent Consultations and Interim and Final written reports to inform parents/carers of progress and achievements.

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from Keir Hardie Memorial primary normally transfer to Brannock High School. A programme of events and visits is planned with the other schools in our cluster to ensure the pupils have a smooth transition.

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