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Lawmuir primary school is non-denominational and caters for children aged between four and a half and 11.5. The school is based in the Orbiston area of Bellshill, approximately half a mile from the town centre. It serves large council housing and several smaller private housing estates. 

Outside view of Lawmuir Primary school

The school was opened in 1957 and is set in extensive grounds.   The accommodation comprises 17 classrooms, a partnership room for interagency use, a senior open area, an infant open area, a gym / dining hall, staffroom and administrative offices.  

The staffing in the school at present consists of:  Head Teacher, 2 x Depute Head Teachers, 2 x Principal Teachers and 15 Class Teachers, (including job share post) in addition 0.9 FTE Support for Learning Teachers.   There are 4 x Classroom Assistants (including job share post), 3 x Additional Support Needs Assistants, Early Years Worker 0.5FTE, 4 Clerical Assistants, Janitor and a full complement of Cleaning and Catering staff. 

Our Vision Statement: 

  • As pupils, staff and parents of Lawmuir Primary School our vision is that our school is at the heart of our community where we feel safe, valued and show respect for ourselves and others.
  • As lifelong learners we are confident individuals, responsible citizens, effective contributors and successful learners.
  • Our curriculum offers opportunities for active learning, personal choice and fun with high expectations of all.
  • Achievement within our school and wider community is recognised and celebrated, encouraging all to realise their full potential.

The school offers a high standard of educational provision to pupils and all members of staff are expected to provide wide and balanced curricular provision to ensure that high standards are maintained.

Staff are regularly involved in Professional Review and Development activities and have many opportunities through In-Service Development to further develop their own professional and personal skills.   The School Improvement Plan is developed in consultation with all staff and reflects the schools ongoing commitment to the process of continuous self evaluation.   There is an expectation that all members of staff are actively involved in working groups, school committees and where possible will accept additional responsibility for developing an area of school life.

Extra-curricular activities are many and varied and in the past have included: Drama, Art, Science, Multi-sports which are organised to cater for the very large number of children wishing to attend. 

There is a high emphasis on building positive relationships and all staff have an important role to play in developing trust and respect.   All staff are expected to Promote Positive Relationships, contribute towards a restorative ethos in ensuring that the climate and culture of the school remains welcoming, safe and enjoyable for all pupils, staff and visitors.

The school welcomes enquiries and visits to the school by parents, outside agencies and members of the community.   Parent interviews are arranged whenever necessary, in addition to the twice yearly formal meetings when parents and pupils meet teachers by appointment.  The school has a Parent Council, which meets monthly and an active Parent Teachers Association (Friends of Lawmuir).   Parents support the school in various ways by: accompanying classes on outings, attending open days, curricular workshops and social events. 

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from Lawmuir primary normally transfer to Bellshilll Academy, liaison with Bellshill Academy and the associated primary schools is firmly established to the benefit of our pupils.

For further information you can visit the school website, and download the pdf icon school handbook [1Mb].

For information on the school HMIE report visit Lawmuir Primary HMIE Report.

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