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Ravenswood primary is a non-denominational, co-educational establishment providing education from primary one to primary seven. The school was built in 1976 and is semi-open plan in design in an attractive woodland setting. The school currently has 8 classes. The school has 11 teachers and 5 non teaching staff.

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The school has close links with the local community and has annual visits from the fire services, police, park ranger and nurse.

Citizenship and enterprise activities are promoted throughout the school. The collections from assemblies are donated to a variety of local and national charities. Fundraising has always been a part of school life. Harvest gifts are collected and distributed to local senior citizens nominated by parents or children and a child is sponsored in Kenya.

Extra curricular activities include choir, computer, football, badminton and netball. The choir takes part in activities such as entertaining the local community and taking part in concerts with the Cumbernauld choir. The school has an important role in the community in acting as a base for local organisations such as children's clubs and a local church.

Swimming forms a regular part of the curriculum for the primary six and seven pupils. During the year classes make educational visits to support topics studied.

Through the health promoting school initiative we hold regular health weeks and facilities are available for sports and outdoor activities.

Primary six and seven pupils are given the opportunity to have tuition in woodwind instruments, clarinet, flute or saxophone. The music instructor visits the school on a Thursday.

There is no doubt that children whose parents take an active interest in what goes on at school and who are prepared to help their children in all homework tasks generally make the best progress. The head teacher is happy to meet parents and liaise with the class teacher where necessary.

There is a Parent Council and Parent Association who meet regularly and are very supportive of the school. For example fundraising, and attending events such as sports day.

New entrants (P1) are invited to meet their teacher while their parents take part in a parent workshop in May/June. Pupils also take part, along with other local primaries in sporting events and competitions e.g. technology challenge, skipping festival.

Close links are maintained with the local secondary schools via a programme of link projects, participation in sporting activities and visits to the secondary school. Primary seven pupils, along with the other associated primaries and Greenfaulds High School have, in the past, taken part in a bi-annual Christmas concert at the High School, to which parents are invited. Regular liaison meetings are attended by the head teacher of Ravenswood primary and the head teacher and senior staff of the secondary schools.

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 years, so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from Ravenswood who live in the Ravenswood or Greenfaulds area normally transfer to Greenfaulds High, Greenfaulds, Cumbernauld. Those who live in the Seafar normally transfer to Cumbernauld Academy, Kildrum, Cumbernauld.

For more information download the pdf icon Ravenswood primary school handbook [544kb].

For information on the school HMIE report visit Ravenswood Primary HMIE Report.

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