St Mary's Primary and Nursery Cleland

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St Mary's Primary is a co-educational Roman Catholic school. At present the roll is 140 and there are 7 classes in the school. The nursery class is non-denominational and is staffed by a teacher and two Early Years Workers. At the moment it offers 30 morning places and 30 afternoon places to 3 and 4 year old children and is working at capacity.

St Mary's Primary Cleland

Our motto is 'Learning together'. Teachers plan some aspects of learning in collaboration with colleagues. Learning experiences planned for pupils ensure that the children have opportunities to work together and discuss ideas. Staff in nursery and primary 1 plan opportunities for play. Active teaching and learning plays an important part in our planning and practice.

School Aims

  • Foster, through gospel values, a nurturing ethos which enables the pastoral, social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of the whole school community.
  • Create opportunities for each and every individual within our school community to develop their unique qualities, skills and talents to recognise and appreciate those of others
  • Provide opportunities for children to develop as confident, successful learners by providing a wide range of curricular experiences
  • Enrich pupil experience through planning a range of activities to develop awareness and responsibility for citizenship and the environment
  • Promote and encourage engagement with all stakeholders through consultation and therefore enhance the provision of the school within the local community

Extra-curricular activities vary each year. Athletics, dance, arts & crafts, football and netball are some of the options on offer. There are many other opportunities for pupils to widen their knowledge of sports and these often take place during the school day with either taster sessions or a series of lessons - rugby, yoga, canoeing, break dancing.

Children in P7 have the opportunity of a residential experience and attend Kilbowie Centre in Oban. This will take place in June 2013.

Throughout the year children are involved in fund-raising activities. Mary's Meals, SCIAF and St Andrew's Hospice benefit from the efforts of the school community.

We work closely with parents and each year we look to further develop ways of communicating pupil progress and the work of the school. Learning Logs are used to prompt discussion on pupil progress and achievement.

There are two opportunities in the year where parents are invited to the school to speak to the class teacher. If a parent has a concern regarding their child they should contact the school and an appointment will be arranged with the Class Teacher or Head Teacher.

 Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from St Mary's normally transfer to Taylor High School, New Stevenston.  There are very good transition arrangements in place which begin on the first week of term when the P7 pupils go to Taylor High every Thursday morning for eight weeks. Our pupils are grouped with pupils from other primaries and experience lessons in subjects such as Art, Technology and Science.

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