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St Patrick's is a Roman Catholic co-educational primary school serving a wide catchment area which includes Allanton, Hartwood and Shotts. Our history dates back to 4 January 1869. The present school building was constructed in 1909/1910 by the parish to replace a smaller school which had been in use since 1869. The school was accommodated in the lower level of a new building with the upper building being used as a church hall. The school was taken over by the local authority and the upper level was partitioned to provide more classrooms.

St Patrick's Primary School, Shotts - Outside View

In 1956 an annexe was constructed to provide the junior secondary school with a gymnasium and science/domestic science rooms. In the 1960s the junior secondary department was closed and the pupils were transferred to St Aidan's high school. At this time the annexe was linked to the main building and inside boy's and girl's toilets were constructed. The new dining hall was built to the rear of the annexe and the outside toilets were demolished. The school has undergone many changes in recent years and now boasts bright well organised classrooms and working areas, modern well equipped libraries and an exceptionally well equipped computer suite.

Throughout the session pupils will be given the opportunity to go on educational visits which will be an appropriate extension of class work. Parents are invited to become involved in these trips. Inter-school activities are an on-going feature throughout the year. There are facilities for both indoor and outdoor activities. There is an excellent gymnasium with changing rooms in the school and an outdoor netball court in the school grounds. A number of clubs are run to foster an interest in a variety of activities and to promote skill development. Chess is available for those pupils in primaries four, five, six and seven. There is also badminton, netball, art and cross country running available for our primary six and seven pupils.

Every opportunity is taken to make sure that we have strong home/school links. A monthly newsletter is issued detailing school events. The newsletter is used to keep parents and friends of the school in touch with what is happening within the school.

Information afternoons/evenings are also planned to keep parents in touch with curricular and other developments in the school. The Parent Teacher Association plays a supportive role in encouraging co-operation between home and school. Information on PTA activities is contained in the monthly newsletter.

Many parents are involved in our "Helping Hands" programme which has been organised to promote partnership between home and school. This programme is designed to enhance children's experience of the curriculum by involving parents in a variety of activities which include structured play, art and craft, technology, computer use and library time. Many parents have been involved in supervising school outings, others have been very closely involved in running our school clubs. The "Helping Hands" programme allows us to offer your children a much more varied and interesting experience. Parents are invited to join the programme at the start of each school year.

It is our aim to promote the school as an integral part of the local community. The school is involved in the local community in many different ways. The Police Community Relations Officer visits the school regularly and is responsible for providing a programme of talks on topics such as road safety, "Never Go with Strangers". The school nurse makes regular visits to the school in connection with medical and health care. She organises seminars for both children and parents. We have close contacts with many local organisations and have supported projects concerned with developing the local environment. Pupils and staff are involved with other schools through such activities as inter-school quiz, football, netball, athletics and badminton.

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from St Patrick's normally transfer to St Aidan's High School, Wishaw.

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