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Tollbrae primary is a non-denominational co-educational primary school teaching children from primary one to primary seven. The Area Network Support Team provides additional teaching support. It is hoped that the school will be seen as providing a focal point for community activities and interest. This is sometimes through some extension of actual school activities and sometimes through activities organised by local organisations.

Tollbrae Primary School - Outside View

Either way the school and community are in partnership - one co-operating and supporting the other. It is vitally important that the community is able to identify itself with the school and vice versa. The school will strive to liaise closely with all local organisations and with the Area Community Education office.

A number of extra curricular activities are offered to pupils in the school. Every encouragement is given to pupils to participate in these activities which include football, netball, badminton, choir, cross country and jewellery club. The school is very keen to involve parents in these activities and we are always interested to hear from any parents who wish to help with extra-curricular activities by offering to share their talents and expertise in some particular interest or hobby.

Taking into account the present work and leisure patterns and those likely in the future, the school attempts to stress the importance of participating in a worthwhile hobby or interest. With the approval of the education authority classes participate in visits during the session which may be recreational but are also linked to the educational aims of the school. These visits are usually to places of interest and are of a day or a half day's duration. Children in primary five and primary seven are given the opportunity to participate in residential outdoor education.

It is important to us that good home and school links are fostered. Parents meetings are held in the first and third terms, when parents are invited by appointment to discuss with the class teacher their child's progress and to see their work. Parents are invited to all class assemblies and end of term productions, sports day etc. Regular newsletters keep parents informed of the life of the school. Parents of beginners are invited to come to the school with their child in the summer term prior to commencing school in August. The idea behind these visits is to allow the child to meet his or her class teacher and to see his or her classroom before starting school. it also gives parents the opportunity to discuss and to be aware of various aspects of the child's first year at school.

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 years, so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from Tollbrae normally transfer to Airdrie Academy or Caldervale High.

For more information download pdf icon Tollbrae primary school handbook [878kb].

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