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Greenfaulds high school is a non-denominational six year comprehensive secondary school, which was opened in 1971. Greenfaulds is situated in the west of Cumbernauld and provides a service to the Greenfaulds, Ravenswood, Condorrat, Westfield , Eastfield, Balloch areas and parts of Seafar. Pupils are given the opportunity to study a full range of subjects to the highest level and the introduction of Curriculum for Excellence has encouraged staff in different curricular areas to work more closely together to offer meaningful activities which will encourage pupils to become more involved in and to take more responsibility for their own learning.

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An increasing amount of choice is available to pupils at key points in their education. Traditional option choices available between S2 and S3 have been extended to include vocational subjects such as construction, hairdressing, horticulture and care while senior pupils preparing for university can now elect to study for a Science Baccalaureate.

Greenfaulds hosts secondary Gaelic provision for North Lanarkshire which currently caters for upwards of 40 pupils including fluent speakers and learners. Subjects delivered through the Gaidhlig medium for fluent speakers include French, Science, Geography, History, Modern Studies and PSE. There is a Gaidhlig Drama Club and S1 pupils attend an annual residential course.

In addition to the standard classroom accommodation for subjects like English and Mathematics, Greenfaulds provides a full range of specialist accommodation for art, music, technical, home economics and science. We have several rooms equipped with computers for use mainly in business studies, computing studies, and graphic communication, but also used for careers and course guidance, supported study and increasingly to enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum. Art rooms are equipped with computing facilities, while the library with cd-rom and internet facilities is accessible to pupils at interval and lunchtimes as well as the start and end of the school day. The school boasts excellent physical education facilities with a swimming pool, a large games hall, gymnasium and fitness studio, football, hockey and rugby pitches and a full size running track. There is also a large and well-equipped theatre, which is used regularly for assemblies, meetings and school shows.

One of the greatest strengths of Greenfaulds is undoubtedly the wide range of activities which are offered to pupils outwith school hours. Some activities take place during lunchtime and others after 3.30pm. Many departments offer additional curricular support in the form of Supported Study, a maths study weekend, homework clubs or drop-in sessions in the run up to prelims or SQA Examinations but a wide range of extra-curricular activities is also offered throughout the school year. These activities are organised by highly committed staff who have special skills, talents and enthusiasm and who offer their time freely for the benefit of the pupils. A great many pupils participate in the activities and the good relationships between staff and pupils which are built up have a beneficial effect on the academic performance of pupils as well as giving them a sense of belonging to the community of Greenfaulds high school. Extra curricular activities improve the positive atmosphere of the school and help to make it a welcoming place.

The activities currently on offer include a variety of sporting activities such as badminton, football, volleyball, netball and an athletics club. Music provision includes a junior and senior school band, a traditional music group and a junior choir. The school offers opportunities to participate in theatre visits, field trips, day trips and foreign excursions. Numerous clubs such as the Science Club, Modern Studies Club, Art and Technical Clubs, Film Club and the Reading, Creative Writing and Spelling Clubs are popular with pupils and allow them to develop their interests and skills in a friendly and supportive environment.

The pupils of Greenfaulds have a strong voice and are given the opportunity to contribute to the management of the school in a variety of ways. One of these is through the pupil council. Each register class elects a representative who takes the views of the class to the council and who reports back to the class on the issues discussed at the council. The role of the council is to represent the views of pupils and to be consulted by the school management on any issues, which may arise. Members of the pupil council are currently exploring ways to tackle the problem of litter in the community and have also introduced House Competitions in S1 with a view to raising the profile of the school's Star Points initiative. S1 pupils organised a can collection at Christmas and donated the cans to the Salvation Army while S6 pupils are seeking ways to extend the school's Buddy system.

Senior pupils who elect to become prefects at Greenfaulds also contribute to the successful management of the school by assisting with parents meetings and school shows, organising charity events and acting as peer supporters and Buddies to our younger pupils. Their contribution is invaluable both to staff and to younger pupils whose transition into high school is made easier by their willing and friendly support.

Transition from primary school to secondary school can present difficulties for some young people and their parents and is an area which is given the highest priority by staff at Greenfaulds. We enjoy positive relationships with our six associated primary schools, Baird Memorial, Condorrat, Eastfield, Ravenswood, Westfield and Woodlands. Meetings between primary headteachers and staff at Greenfaulds are held regularly throughout the school year and our planned programme of activities for pupils in primaries 6 and 7 is effective in allowing the children and their parents to feel more confident about the move from primary to high school. Pupils who require an enhanced transition programme are identified by their primary school and receive individual visits from the Principal Teacher of Support for Learning or the Home School Partnership Officer at Greenfaulds. An enhanced transition might include attendance at summer school or additional visits to high school throughout primary 7 but in all cases will be tailored to suit the individual needs of the child concerned.

The success of a school is greatly enhanced when there are good links between home and school. These links are maintained by letters home, regular parents' meetings and meetings with senior staff, talks given at school, events and meetings arranged through the Parent Council, individual contacts with Pupil Support or Senior staff. Parents should feel well informed about what is happening in the school and be confident that they may contact the school to discuss any matter relevant to the education or well-being of their children. To help keep parents informed about the life of the school, a newsletter is issued three times each session. Increasingly the school website is also used as a means of providing information for parents and carers. It is updated regularly and, in addition to the details on the school calendar, provides pictures and accounts of many school activities which might be of interest to parents.

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