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Taylor high is a sixth year roman catholic secondary school which serves the educational needs of pupils in Carfin, Cleland, Holytown, Jerviston, Newarthill and New Stevenston. The school is named after Monsignor Thomas Taylor who was, for almost 50 years, the local parish priest and who, in 1922, founded the world-famous Carfin Lourdes grotto.

Outside View of Taylor High

Opened in 1982, Taylor high is a six year co-educational catholic comprehensive school with a maximum capacity of around 950. It has many attractive facilities including five computer suites, a range of well resourced classrooms, a central cafeteria and social area, two large gymnasiums, a spacious games hall, a well-furnished library and resource centre and a well-equipped theatre with seating for 250.

The school also has ramps, special toilet facilities and a lift for disabled pupils. Within the school grounds there are two ash hockey and football fields, a large grass football/rugby field, an athletics track and jumping pit. The yard also includes an all-weather netball court.

The school is well equipped to serve the needs of all pupils including those who have physical disabilities.

A wide range of extra-curricular activities and clubs take place in the school during the lunch break after school or at the weekend. The musical activities which are available are a school choir for all year groups. The school band is open to all pupils receiving instrumental instructions. There is lunchtime practice for drum-kit, guitar and keyboard with an option for pupils to form their own rock band. The pastoral group encourages pupils to take responsibility for providing music for liturgical services in and outwith the school. The physical education department also offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities including athletics, badminton, basketball, football, gymnastics, netball and volleyball. Other clubs which are available in the school are chess club, computing club, grid club and modern studies club.

We are very well supported by our parent body. Currently the school board and parents and friends' association meet on a regular basis. Liaison between teachers and parents is fundamental to the progress of individual students. The school newsletter, the Taylor Times, is published regularly. This provides parents with up-to-date information on various developments in the school. Information regarding formal meetings and school news is also included in parish bulletins and a school press release is issued to local newspapers each week.

A lengthy and extensive programme exists between Taylor high school and its associated primaries to make transfer between sectors as smooth and easy as possible for our pupils. Pupils from our six associated primaries Our Lady & St Francis, St Teresa's, St Patrick's, St Mary's, Christ the King and part of Cathedral attend Taylor high school one morning a week for eight weeks while still in primary seven. During this time they work in a number of subject departments. In the course of last session they spent two weeks in each of the home economics, physical education and technical departments. In addition to the curricular continuity which the programme promotes, pupils also have the opportunity to meet Taylor high school staff, become familiar with the layout of the school and meet the pupils with whom they will spend their secondary career.

Their parents are invited to Taylor high school during the project to see the work that their child has undertaken in secondary. This visit also affords parents the opportunity to be provided with initial information on a range of topics concerning secondary school life such as homework, discipline, subject rotations and the guidance structure. The head teacher and assistant head teacher (lower school) will meet the parents of primary seven pupils in each of the six associated primaries. These meetings will enable staff from Taylor high to provide parents with detailed information in pupil induction, the curriculum in Taylor high and to answer questions regarding the forthcoming transfer of pupils from primary seven to first year. All primary seven pupils visit Taylor high school for two days in June. They meet the other pupils in their first year class and follow the class timetable. These two days allow the pupils to meet their guidance teacher, begin to learn the layout of the building as they move from subject to subject. It also gives them a chance to meet other pupils in their class and meet staff of Taylor high school.

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