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Bothwellpark High School is a six-year co-educational, non-denominational secondary school, catering for pupils with a range of Additional Support Needs of a severe and complex nature. The school is located within the inclusive, adapted premises of Our Lady's High School, Motherwell. The schools have a positive and collaborative working partnership.

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The Bothwellpark School vision is to build an environment which lives an ethos of high expectations for all, enhances the promotion of self advocacy, independence, interdependence, responsibility and respect for self and others; and prepares our young people emotionally, socially and physically for the future. We promote inclusion, equality and fairness where all stakeholders are recognised for their individuality and contribution to the work and life of the school. 'Getting it Right for Every Child' is achieved through the process of self evaluation and providing for example:

· Learning opportunities which support Health & Wellbeing and care of the environment

· Learning and teaching approaches and differentiation of resources which address diversity and strive to motivate and challenge the learner

· Experiences which support our young people to be Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors.

The staff team includes teachers, instructors, ASN assistants and clerical staff. We also have visiting school nurses, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech and language therapist and educational psychologist.

The anticipated school roll for August 2012 is 28 pupils. The pupil groups are organised, as far as possible, to reflect age and stage, social compatibility, strengths and interests and the overall level of individual pupil support needs. Many pupils require ongoing inter agency collaboration and as such have Coordinated Support Plans.

The primary schools associated with Bothwellpark High are Clydeview School and St Lucy's Primary Specialist Unit.

Following identification of need and application to NLC Resource Allocation Panel pupils may come to Bothwellpark from a range of other ASN schools. To support parents and pupils the school has effective transitional planning procedures in place.

Pupils' Personal Educational Programmes are set within the experiences and outcomes of a Curriculum for Excellence Particular emphasis is placed on the areas of Language & Communication and Personal and Social Development. Practical experiences are an embedded feature across all curricular areas to support and enhance learning. Programmes of work are tailored to meet both group and individual needs.

Pupil achievement is recognised through certification in National Qualifications at Access level.

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