Firpark Secondary School

Firpark secondary school

Firpark School is a non-denominational school situated at the upper end of the town of Motherwell, close to the Civic Centre, Motherwell Football Club and New College Lanarkshire Motherwell Campus. It is within walking distance of the main shopping precinct and has good transport links.

Outside View of Firpark

The school was purpose built in 1977 to accommodate pupils with additional support needs. It has good access facilities for persons with mobility needs and all the rooms are situated at ground level. The school has been installed with a security entrance system and perimeter fencing.

Within our school building there are three teaching blocks, medical suite, technical, art, and home economic rooms, computer suite, P.E. hall, swimming pool, physiotherapy gym, hair and beauty room, bistro and polytunnels.

At present there are 150 children on our roll (age range from 12-18 years) who are mainly drawn from a catchment area within North Lanarkshire, with a small percentage of children from South Lanarkshire.   The children are transported to school either by local authority buses or taxis.   Some of our senior pupils travel independently to school by public transport.

There is also input from specialist services - speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, school medical officer, dentist, psychological services, hearing and visual impairment specialists.

Within Firpark much attention is focused on the local community and pupils throughout the school participate in a wide range of out of school activities.  We use our two school mini-buses to enable our pupils to access the local and wider community.  We have a very supportive Parent Forum.

2016-17 Aspirational Vision and Values

·         To provide a happy learning environment where young people are valued and cared for

·         To provide a range of opportunities for pupils to develop their abilities and talents through a range of experiences and certificated courses

·         To support pupils to develop relevant skills for life and skills for work

·         To improve the pupils life chances and employment opportunities

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