Greenspace development

Services for access, arboriculture, biodiversity and conservation

Broadwood Loch

Our service aims to protect and enhance both urban greenspaces and countryside throughout North Lanarkshire. We will:

  • Consult with the local community on improvements to local greenspaces.
  • Implement habitat improvement projects, such as woodland improvement, peat bog restoration, and pond creation.
  • Maintain a Core Path Plan for North Lanarkshire and create new and improved paths.
  • Cooperate with partners in the Local Biodiversity Action Plan for the needs of wildlife, conservation of habitats, and enjoyment of people.
  • Provide help to community groups and schools with environmental projects including Eco-Schools, Forest Schools and Community Parks.
  • Promote environmental education, wildlife monitoring and site protection through the work of the Countryside Ranger Service.
  • Deliver initiatives to improve health and wellbeing through access to greenspace, including the Branching Out and Get Walking Lanarkshire projects.
  • Provide an arboriculture service to maintain trees on council land.

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