Viewpark Gardens

This horticultural centre incorporates several types of gardens and glasshouse displays

Viewpark Gardens

Features include Japanese and Highland plant displays where visitors can view collections such as conifers, heathers, acers and azaleas.

Opening times

10am to 4pm, Mon to Thurs
10am to 3pm, Fri
10am to 5pm, Sat and Sun

The gardens are closed to the public from the end of September until April.

Viewpark gardens is a popular venue for wedding photographs.

To add to the diversity of the gardens, the department has an ongoing development policy. Recent projects include the renewal of footpaths, a new topiary collection for enthusiasts, and additional plant collections including miniature conifer, hebes, hardy ferns.

The Demonstration gardens and the "Sustainable Garden", gives visitors an opportunity to obtain ideas about the design and planting suitable to the average house and garden. One of the more striking attractions is the 'Black and White' garden, which uses contemporary materials such as mirrors and primary coloured paving to great effect.

Located within the gardens is a range of display houses which contain a variety of exotic and ornamental display plants.

Other attractions include various water features - ponds, channels and miniature waterfalls that, in turn, attract several types of wildlife including butterflies, dragonflies and various species of birds. Children can also enjoy the modern play area situated within the gardens.

Where is Viewpark Gardens?

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