Summerlee to Drumpellier walk and cycle route.

This trail starts at Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life in Coatbridge. A leading 4-star visitor attraction with free admission.

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Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life to Drumpellier Country Park (4km) and Bargeddie

  • Gradient - minimal
  • By Car: Parking available at both venues.
  • By Rail : Alight at Coatbridge Sunnyside or Coatbridge Central rail stations

From the Heritage Centre head south along the path past the play area towards the underpass at West Canal Street and on to the Canal Basin. The underpass will be open the same hours as the Heritage Centre. Cyclists dismount between the Heritage Centre and the Play Area.

Alternatively when the Heritage Centre is closed, from the main gates head south along Heritage Way to West Canal Street, turn left for a few metres, cross West Canal Street with care, then and descend stairs and a ramp to canal basin.

Formerly known as the muttonhole, this area is unique in that the Gartsherrie Burn passes under the Monklands Canal, which in turn is crossed by a road-bridge, spanned by a rail-bridge. This was the worlds first spaghetti junction.

From here you will be following the line of the Monkland canal westwards as far as Drumpellier Home Farm. The Monkland canal, completed in 1794, allowed for inexpensive transportation of coal from the Monklands Collieries to feed an ever- increasing demand in the City of Glasgow. Passing under a second rail and footbridge continue along the ash blaes path to the underpass at Merrystone Bridge. As you travel along this route you will notice numerous willow trees. These water-loving trees date back to when this stretch of canal was still open. The actual canal water, extracted from the North Calder Water at Calderbank, is channeled through two large diameter pipes below the footpath at this point.

Before passing below Merrystone Bridge you can observe the original gas lighting standards mounted on the sandstone parapets of the bridge. Iron plates, bolted onto the sides of the bridge can also be seen. These were used to protect the masonry from damage by barges.

On the other side of the bridge, bear right along along the tarmac path, parallel to King Street, crossing the Car Park entrance road. The path continues along the northern perimeter of West End Park.

Originally known as Yeomanry Park, where local militias once drilled, this park was gifted to the people of Coatbridge by the Buchanan family, local wealthy landowners. Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show performed in this park on the 29th July 1904, regaling Coatbridge citizens with feats of daring do.

At Blair Bridge the canal re-emerges, and you now follow the old towpath as far a Drumpellier Home Farm. To the north of the canal, now part of Drumpellier Country Park, there was once a reservoir, built to feed the canal. This was drained when the Canal was extended and the North Calder became the main source of water.

As you approach a bridge crossing the canal, you will notice a large 1820's sandstone farm courtyard to your left. This is Drumpellier Home Farm, built to service the needs of Drumpellier House. Again, owned by the Buchanan family, home farm originally contained everything needed to supply a large estate. Recently converted to residential use, this listed building at one time housed workers and had workshops for a blacksmith, joiner, and a butcher amongst other things.

Cross the canal over-bridge, where you can access Drumpellier Country Park in either direction.

Turn left and after a short distance turn right, using a second bridge, this time over a railway line. You are now entering Drumpellier Country Park. After passing through two wooden gateposts turn left and follow a more rustic path through Garnheath Wood. This path curves back onto the main tarmac road leading to Lochend Loch and Drumpellier Visitor Centre.

Alternatively you can turn right and head towards the railway bridge, where you can turn left onto the main tarmac road leading to Lochend Loch and Drumpellier Visitor Centre, take care when going under the narrow bridge, as you may encounter traffic within the park.

North Lanarkshire Council has upgraded the footpath from the Coatbridge Fountain to Blair Road Bridge to a 2.5m wide asphalt path and the Monkland Canal towpath from Blair Bridge to Drumpellier Home Farm has been reconstructed and improved using recycled road materials.

The section of the Monkland Canal towpath from Drumpellier Home Farm to Bargeddie has now been reconstructed and improved using recycled road materials. This now allows you to walk or cycle off road from Coatbridge Town centre to Drumpellier Lawns, Bargeddie.

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