Cemeteries service performance

Performance information

Our cemeteries service is managed by the Executive Director of Infrastructure with a net budget of £1,587,720 and is maintained by cemetery staff.

Our maintenance programme includes:

  • grass cutting
  • litter collection
  • preparations for interments
  • ground re-instatement
  • shrub beds
  • flower beds
  • tree work
  • weed control
  • removal and disposal of floral tributes and wreaths

Grass is cut on a weekly basis throughout the months of April to September inclusive, weather permitting.

Floral tributes are collected for disposal on a weekly basis, after a period of 14 days has elapsed since the burial date, and litter bins, located throughout our cemeteries and churchyards, are emptied regularly, usually daily. The exception to this is holly wreaths which will be removed on 28 February or as close to that date as resources allow.

We plant out and maintain soil borders and flower/shrub beds as required, including weeding, feeding and pruning.

Customer contacts

A breakdown of customer contacts including service compliments during the first quarter for year 2016/2017 shows the undernoted figures:

  • Four complaints were recorded in relation to damage to ground
  • There were seventy five general cemeteries enquiries
  • Eighteen requests for lair searches were recorded
  • Three compliments were recorded
  • 100% of complaints were resolved within 20 working days

Lair certificates

Our Service Standard dictates that 90% of lair certificates should be issued within 28 days and an analysis for the first quarter for year 2016/2017 is shown below.

  • A total number of 200 lair certificates were issued
  • 4 certificates were issued outwith 28 days
  • The percentage of lair certificates issued within 28 days was 98%

All enquiries regarding cemetery grounds maintenance should be made in the first instance to the cemetery chargehand or to the area cemetery manager using the 'contact us' box.

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