Community grants

Grants for voluntary and community groups in North Lanarkshire

What is the purpose of this grant scheme?

This grant scheme exists to provide small amounts of funding, within a short timescale, to promote projects or activities which bring community benefit.

Who can apply?

To apply you must be a voluntary organisation or community group operating in North Lanarkshire.

What can be funded?

Grants may be used for various purposes including equipment, accommodation, catering, running costs, transport, publicity, tutors and building repairs.

What can't be funded?

Grants are not made for:

  • activities that commenced prior to the application being made;
  • items of equipment of a personal nature, or
  • repairs/improvements to premises not owned by or leased to the organisation applying.

How much can be applied for?

The maximum you can apply for is £1,000. You can apply up to 3 times in any one financial year for different activities (or for the same activity if 6 months have passed since the last application) but the total funded to any one organisation in any one year must not exceed the £1,000 limit.

What is the timescale for submitting applications?

Community Grants operate on a rolling programme so you can apply at any time, however, you should apply in plenty time for your application to be processed as this can take up to eight weeks. The closing dates are as follows:

Application closing dateApplication considered
10am Tuesday 27 August 2019Monday 9 September 2019
10am Tuesday 19 November 2019Monday 2 December 2019
10am Tuesday 25 February 2020Monday 9 March 2020

What is the Application Process?

An application form should be completed and all additional information i.e. constitution, financial details etc. should be attached to your application form.

Where can I get help with the form?

If you would like any help or advice in completing the application form please contact the appropriate Grants Administration Officer.

What happens next?

On receipt of the application a letter will be sent confirming that it has been received, allocating the application with a reference number and detailing any additional or missing information required. The letter will also indicate the date on which the application will be considered. The process takes approximately eight weeks and you will be advised of any decision within seven working days of the decision being made.

Grant Enquiry Form
If you cannot decide if this fund is best for you go to .  You can use this to contact us for more advice.

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