Good Neighbour Agreement

We believe that nuisance behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated

We will use all powers available to deal with the problem effectively, firmly, but in a fair and sensitive manner, to ensure that all residents in North Lanarkshire enjoy living in their homes.

To meet this pledge we are committed to:

  • Making sure that every resident enjoys the right to security of tenure in their own home, regardless of race, religion, faith, gender, disability or sexuality.
  • Making sure that resident's rights to the peaceful enjoyment of their home is protected.
  • Creating an environment, which makes North Lanarkshire a more attractive place to live.
  • Taking strong and effective action to tackle any problems of an anti-social nature, including legal action. Responding professionally and sensitively to complaints made.
  • Ensuring that any action is continued until the problem is resolved to the satisfaction of the council.

We expect the residents of North Lanarkshire to:

  • Show consideration for your neighbours and not to cause nuisance or disturbance to them or their visitors.
  • Be aware of the problems caused by excessive noise, including late night or early morning use of domestic appliances and from visitors to your property. This is especially important for those living in flatted or 4 in a block accommodation.
  • Take responsibility for your children. Being a good neighbour applies to your children too. They should be made aware that respect should be shown to your neighbours and their property, especially in flats where areas are shared.
  • Ensure that no damage occurs to council property by you, by anyone residing with you or visiting your property.
  • Be responsible for the behaviour of your visitors.
  • Keep your house in a reasonable state of cleanliness and decoration.
  • Take your turn to clean common stairs and landings.
  • Make sure that security doors are closed properly. This applies to visitors too.
  • Keep your garden tidy. If you are elderly or there is no one physically fit to do this in your household you can apply to be included on the Garden Assistance Scheme.
  • Store your rubbish in bins provided.
  • Keep pets under control, if you have been given permission to keep one in your home. Remember to clean up any mess and do not allow your pet to foul in any communal areas either inside communal closes or outside your home.
  • Tenants must ask us for permission if you wish to use your home for business purposes.
  • Tenants should let us know if your property will be unoccupied for 21 days or more, otherwise we may believe that it has been abandoned and reclaim possession. Please give us a contact address in case of any emergencies, e.g. burst pipes.
  • Park your vehicles with consideration and courtesy for your neighbours.

In return North Lanarkshire Council will:

  • Fully investigate complaints of antisocial behaviour.
  • Offer a mediation service to allow neighbour disputes to be dealt with at an early stage.
  • Provide a 24 hour service to deal with the problem of antisocial behaviour.
  • Keep complainants fully informed of the progress and outcome of their complaint.
  • Work closely with other agencies, such as the Police and other council services, in order to deal with complaints effectively.
  • Provide a confidential service and offer advice or support to those affected by antisocial behaviour.
  • Take the strongest possible action, where necessary, to ensure a peaceful living environment for all residents in North Lanarkshire. This will include, where North Lanarkshire Council consider it appropriate, verbal and written warnings, action for recovery of possession (eviction) and applications for Antisocial Behaviour Orders (ASBO) being sought. Other legal remedies will also be considered.
  • Ensure that effective action is taken against tenants who do not accept responsibility for the offensive actions of their children or visitors to their home

A copy of the agreement will be given to all tenants of North Lanarkshire Council and the original will be retained by Enterprise and Communities.

To sign up to North Lanarkshire Council's pdf icon Good Neighbour Agreement [537kb], contact your local Area Housing Office.

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