List of Tenant Organisations

How to contact an RTO in North Lanarkshire

Residents and Tenants AssociationContact NameAddressTownPostcode
Allanton Tenants & Residents AssociationMargaret McLean222 Allanton RoadAllantonML7 5AQ
Bargeddie Tenants & Residents AssociationAgnes Plunkett70 Monklandview CrescentBargeddieG69 7RX
Braehead Park Tenants & Residents AssociationEmma Robertson72 Bellvue CrescentBellshillML4 3AY
Brandon Court Tenants & Residents AssociationJim Milligan91 Brandon CourtMotherwellML1 1QZ
Burnside Tower Tenants & Residents AssociationMargaret Smith48 Burnside TowerMotherwellML1 2BA
Central Park Tenants & Residents AssociationPeter Reid10 Bluebell WalkMotherwellML1 4LW
Chapelhall Tenants & Residents AssociationGabriel Smith15 Laurel GardensChapelhallML6 8RX
Cliftonhill Tenants & Residents AssociationJohn McKenna186 High CoatsCoatbridgeML5 3PF
Coatbridge Federation Tenants & Residents AssociationIrene Gillies6 Shawhead CottagesCoatbridgeML5 4LW
Greenend and Sikeside Tenants & Residents AssociationMarie Wilson19B Cumbrae CrescentCoatbridgeML5 4PX
Mossend West Tenants & Residents AssociationMargaret Gibb23 Ella GardensBellshillML4 2NT
North Lanarkshire FederationMaureen DugganUnit 66, Fountain Business Centre, Ellis StreetCoatbridgeML5 3AA
Shawhead Tenants & Residents AssociationIrene Gillies6 Shawhead CottagesCoatbridgeML5 4LW
Sunart Tenants & Residents AssociationJames Cuthbertson19 Sunart StreetWishawML2 OJJ
Townhead Tenants & Residents AssociationTrish White34 Tantallon DriveCoatbridgeML5 2LN
United Towers Tenants & Residents AssociationAlex Thomson50 Merryton TowerMotherwellML1 2LU

If you are a member of a Tenants' and Residents' Association and would be interested in becoming a Registered Tenant Organisation, please contact the Housing Development Section, who will be happy to send you out an application form.

Please use the 'contact us' box if you have any questions. For more information, see 'related pages', 'downloads' or 'other useful websites'.

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